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Pharmacy Programs

Pharmacy Programs

We provide pharmacy, pharmacists and pharmacy technician insurance using programs that have evolved over the past 35 years to meet the needs of current pharmacy related operations.

We offer an “occurrence” malpractice policy which provides superior coverage for now and for the future when you are no longer practicing if a lawsuit is brought against you for an occurrence when you were in practice and had this policy. This is important if you move to another province, go into another career or business, leave to raise a family or retire.

Alternative “claims made” polices from our competitors require you to purchase an extended reporting period or maintain their policy even after you are no longer practicing otherwise you would be personally at risk because their policy has to be in force at time of claim.

Our pharmacist malpractice policy provides $50,000 legal defense costs for College disciplinary hearings and no deductible. We also offer an optional retroactive coverage to former claims made policy holders.


Please print out forms, fill out and fax back to us if applicable.

Pharmacist Malpractice Do’s and Don’ts (PDF)

PharmaGuard Application Form (PDF)

Pharmacist Malpractice Application

Pharmacy Technician Malpractice Application

Payment Plans Form (PDF)

Strong Box Safe (PDF)

Store Security Planning (PDF)

Pharmacist Malpractice Premiums

$2 Million – $195

$3 Million – $255

$4 Million – $305

$5 Million – $355

Pharmacy Technician Malpractice Premiums

$1 Million – $125

$2 Million – $150

$5 Million – $175


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